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Born in Maryland, but raised in Georgia, comedian Druski is can confidently claim to be one of the funniest people on the internet — and his million-plus following on Instagram and Twitter will agree. He reached an even wider audience during summer 2020 when he featured in the video for ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’, which racked up nearly 150 views in two months, made number two in the States and number one in Canada. Growing up, Druski knew he wanted to be an entertainer but originally intended to become a sportscaster with ESPN. However, when he began studying to become one at college, his peers quickly pointed out that he was a natural comedian. It was a lightbulb moment; Druski quit college and began working towards a career in comedy. The pair struck up a friendship after Drake began liking Druski’s first Instagram videos and then messaged the comedian to tell him he thought he was one of the funniest people on the internet. Druski reciprocated by sending him one of his branded hoodies, which Drake then wore in public, helping to raise his profile even further. Many Instagram stars become overnight successes only to disappear just as quickly. Druski, however, has worked long and hard to achieve his position as one of the internet’s best comedians. His uploads generate tens of thousands of views within hours, as do fan-curated YouTube compilations of his content. With a Netflix movie and TV series in the works, his dedication to his unique talent certainly looks to be paying off.


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