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Dread Mar-I is a widely celebrated, best-selling Argentine singer-songwriter, who is best known for his reggae singing and vocal delivery which combines deep roots reggae and rock. Dread Mar-I has always been interested in music as a child and a teenager; he heard Bob Marley’s music in his neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, where he moved as a child with his family. His debut album, Jah Guia, received a great deal of positive attention and generated increased popularity. Dread Mar-I was approached by major labels and was eventually signed by Sony/BMG, who reissued his album and achieved impressive sales with the album. Dread Mar-I has since played at many esteemed venues and concerts, including the first annual Bob Marley Day festival at Luna Park, along with the Wailers. He has toured abroad with his band and by the time he released his 2010 album, Dread Mar-I was the most popular reggae singer in Argentina, establishing a strong international following. With his new backing band, Warriors of the Kind, Dread Mar-I toured in Mexico and the United States. Notable releases include ‘Nada’ and ‘No Te Astustes Ahora’, which boasted thousands of views on YouTube in the first few weeks of release. Subsequently, En el Sendero achieved gold status. Dread Mar-I celebrated a decade of recording as an artist in 2016 with a show at the El Planetario. He has an impressive following online, on both YouTube and Facebook and hit over five million views of the demo version of ‘Hoja en Blanco’ on his Facebook page. .


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