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Boundary pushing, unapologetic and immensely successful experimental hip-hop band Death Grips have fascinated the hip-hop world ever since their beginnings in 2010. The Sacramento-based band include MC Ride on vocals, Zach Hill on drums and production and Andy Morin on keyboards and production. With influences from everything to punk rock to electronic music, Death Grips’ sound didn’t go unnoticed when they started in 2010. 2011 saw the quickly emerging band release their singles “Full Moon (Death Classic)” and “Guillotine” (which has since reached 12 million streams), their self-titled EP and first mixtape, Exmilitary. In 2012, the band released their now famous debut album, The Money Store. Its uniquely harsh, punk rock rap style resulted in breaking the Billboard Top 200 chart at No.130, their signing to Epic Records and receiving well into the millions of streams and views. Its hit singles include “Get Got” with 22 million streams and “I’ve Seen Footage” with 20 million. Their 2nd album, No Love Deep Web, also came in 2012, with “No Love” becoming its most successful track with 12 million streams. The next year, they released their 3rd album, Government Plates, which would once again push the boundaries of the hip-hop genre. After disbanding in 2014, they came back in 2015 announcing a world tour, releasing the instrumental album Fashion Week and releasing the album The Powers That B – which reached No.72 on Billboard’s Top 200. In 2016 and 2018 they released two more albums, Bottomless Pit and Year of the Snitch respectively. Most recently, they released their 4th EP, Gmail and the Restraining Orders. Death Grips have, for over 10 years now, kept true to their characteristic experimental style, and continue to push the boundaries of hip-hop. They have become one of hip-hop’s most surprising and influential experimental bands. .


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