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David Blaine

David Blaine is an American magician and illusionist, counted among the most popular magicians in modern times. Very famous as a performer of street and close-up magic, he is best known for his endurance stunts, such as living in a glass box for days. His street illusion of defying gravity to levitate himself in front of baffled onlookers is equally well known. An internationally renowned star in the field of magic, David has performed numerous successful shows all over the world. He became interested in magic as a four year old when he first saw a magician performing a live show. The little boy was hooked and started practicing magic with tarot cards given to him by his grandmother who was a gypsy. He demonstrated a trick to his neighbour who was awestricken with wonder and his neighbour’s genuine reaction motivated him to pursue magic as a career. As a teenager he also developed an interest in acting and attended drama school. By the time he was 20, he had blossomed into a skilled illusionist and a charismatic performer. After establishing himself as a popular street magician, he ventured into television with the NBC special ‘David Blaine: Street Magic’. From there it did not take him long to charm the world with his innovative tricks and illusions and soon he became one of the world’s most famous magicians.


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