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Danny Ocean is a Venezuelan singer, songwriter and record producer who began his professional music career back in 2009 after creating his popular YouTube channel. He is most notable for his song “Me Rehúso”,which was released in 2016 before it was relaunched in English, entitled “Baby I Won’t” in 2017. At the same time he created his YouTube channel, Ocean developed a passion for electronic music. He produced a number of electronic songs under the pseudonym Danny O.C.T, such as “Backstage,” which featured in the Desolat X-Sampler Purple compilation album. His his first EPs, “Paracaídas” (2014) and “U-YE” (2015), were published on iTunes and Amazon Music and in no time he was signed with the Atlantic Records label of Warner Music Group. In 2018 Ocean was part of the Coldplay EP (under their pseudonym “Los Unidades”) Global Citzen — EP 1 on the track “Voodoo,” along with the likes of David Guetta. His prominence flowed into 2019 when he published his debut album 54 + 1. Ocean also participated as a writer and producer with Lil ‘Eddie and Digital Farm Animals for Jason Derulo’s “Mamacita”, as well as playing a part in the creation of Fuse ODG’s and Ed Sheeran’s “Lazy Day”. Ocean’s success has well and truly spilled into 2020, having released two singles entitled “Que Lo Que” and “Cuando Amanezca”. .


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