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Curtis McClain is an American music producer and vocalist best known for providing the timeless vocal performance for Marshall Jefferson’s legendary house track ‘Move Your Body (House Music Anthem).’ McClain began his musical career in 1986 with ‘On The House’, quickly rosing to prominence as a gifted vocalist for house bands in the 1980s. His most famous performance came with Marshall Jefferson’s ‘Move Your Body’ in that same year. McClain made his first debut release under his own name in 1998, continuing to be featured as a vocalist on Deep House records throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s and even into the ‘00s, especially on remixes of “Move Your Body.” He was featured on a major project that celebrated the greatness of his most famous recording with nine different remixes by progressive artists and producers. He has also been featured on several mashups and remixes by some of the world’s most notable producers, DJs, and remixers, including a 2012 collaboration with Benny Benassi. Aside from these collaborative recordings, McClain has continued to release his own recordings, including 2011’s ‘Alright’ and ‘Satisfaction, 2012’s ‘City Life’, and 2015’s ‘Spanish Sunrise’ with Ali Coleman and Harry Dennis. His most recent release was the 2017 full-length effort The Garden of House, produced alongside Harry Dennis. McClain continues to tour internationally, performing new material alongside his biggest hits at some of the world’s most prestigious clubs, events, venues and festivals, ensuring that house fans never stop moving their bodies to that irresistible beat. .


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