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Freestyle legend Coro is one of the genre’s most influentialartists. Emerging onto the underground Latin dance music scene in the late80’s, Coro has seen his music place highly on the charts time and time again, helpingto make Freestyle music a popular genre across the globe. His captivating lyricstypify freestyle’s ability to capture urban heartache and are invariably set toinfectiously catchy music that is guaranteed to fill a dancefloor. Admired by anarmy of fans dubbed ‘Team Coro’, this iconic artist has released a range of spectacularhit singles including ‘Where Are You Yonight’, ‘Can’t Let You Go’, ‘FallenAngel’ and many more. Although Freestyle emerged in the 80’s, the music remainsenduringly popular, enjoyed by a loyal and thriving fan base. Coro regularlypacks out venues with his exceptional, larger-than-life performances thatfeature an array of incredible music, dancing and showmanship. All about fun,big beats, solid bass and classic Latin hip-hop hooks, his live shows are trulyunmissable. Coro’s music is quintessentially freestyle. His poppy, up-tempobeats and dramatic songwriting are a prime example of why this genre remains sopopular. Freestyle is unique in its amazing ability to capture the nostalgia ofthose growing up in the dance club scene of the 80’s and 90’s while drawing innew and younger crowds. Captivating rhythms, intense synth lines, and chest-rattlingbass provide the perfect backdrop for Coro’s deeply compelling lyrics and vocaltalents: a wonderfully charismatic, engaging and talented performer, he’sadored by audiences worldwide.


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