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Cody Wise is an acclaimed American vocalist who has been a star since the tender age of 18. He has a unique silky tone and a real charming and magnetic presence and uses that to imbue his music with an irresistible sense of soul, emotion and catchiness. He first won the world’s attention in Spring 2014 when he hooked up with acclaimed Black Eyed Peas man on “It’s My Birthday”–an electro-pop re-creation of Bollywood composer A.R. Rahman’s “Urvasi Urvasi.” The track prove an instant hit and rose up the ranks to number-one on the UK Official Singles Chart. Wise then continued to work with on his debut album, with the Black Eye Pea being lead producer on it. The resulting record was a fusion of R&B, soul, and dance-pop that featured plenty of slinky grooves, colourful melody and physical beats but always came with that trademark Cody Wise touch – namely an air of unforgettable pop greatness. Cody Wise takes his musical inspiration from greats like Donny Hathaway, Ella Fitzgerald, Prince, and Parliament-Funkadelic, which explains why his own sounds have such a vein of passion and energy that is truly infectious and inventive. The genre-busting versatility that was showcased his first record owes much to his encyclopaedic knowledge of music from all eras, as well as his lifelong music obsession, which can be traced back to his parents who were a jazz vocalist and rock player. As such Cody was brought up surrounded by all forms of music and began his own vocal experiments aged just four. The rest, as they say, is history. .


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