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Cody Johnson lived the life of a country singer prior to actually becoming a professional country singer. As a teen, he competed in rodeos as a bull rider, then gravitated to work as a prison supervisor in early adulthood. As he worked these hardscrabble jobs, he pursued straight-ahead country music on the side, releasing his first album on his own indie imprint CoJo in 2006. A decade later, his sixth album Gotta Be Me became a word-of-mouth sensation, reaching number two on Billboard's Country Album charts and setting him up to make the leap to the major labels with 2019's chart-topping Ain't Nothin' to It, an album that stayed true to his Texas country roots. In 2021 he issued the sprawling Human: The Double Album. Born in the small east Texas town of Sebastopol on May 21, 1987, Johnson was raised in a musical family. Learning guitar at the age of 12, he played in bands in high school, but he was drawn to bull riding. He competed professionally for a while, but when that dried up, he signed up for a job as a prison supervisor with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Huntsville.