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Coco Star is the artist who brought the iconic vocal ‘I Need A Miracle’ to the world. This debut single hit the #1 spot on UK Dance charts and entered the official UK top 40 for the first time in 1997. By April 2000 Coco’s ‘I Need A Miracle’ was supercharged to create a global monster hit following a collaborative mash-up with German producer trio Fragma and their instrumental Toca Me. ‘I Need A Miracle’ and ‘Toca Me’ spliced together became the #1 smash hit ‘Toca’s Miracle’. Selling well over 150 000 copies in its first week and holding its own as the UK’s #1 for just shy of three weeks, Coco performed this anthem live world-wide on MTV, Top of the Pops, T4, CD:UK and at Prince Charles’ ‘Party In The Park’. The ‘football based’ Toca’s Miracle Music Video in which she appears is still played on music channels daily! With her huge gospel voice quickly gaining attention, Coco Star went on to be nominated for the Dancestar Awards held in London. She also landed the Dance International PA of the Year Award, thanks to the support of venues and promoters worldwide. Further success saw Coco Star awarded a BPI Gold Disk for sales of over half a million copies of Toca’s Miracle in EMI territories! As a solo artist, Coco’s roots in gospel, soul and R&B saw a follow up hit with Artful Dodger and Craig David. Being a talented songwriter as well Coco wrote ‘It Ain’t Enough’, a UK Garage two-step track which is featured on the Artful Dodgers’ album It’s All About The Stragglers, which later hit #20 on the UK official Charts. .


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