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After a guest spot on Drake’s phenomenally popular No1 hit single ‘In My Feelings’ and with the release of their Cardi B-featuringhit single ‘Twerk’, City Girls’ career has gone BOOM! – just like the carstereos of their hometown of Miami. After writing only two songs together, Atlanta’sQuality Control records (home of Migos and Lil Yachty) signed the duo. Consistingof rappers JT and Yung Miami, the pair soon released their debut album Period, makingserious waves in the Billboard charts, the Hot 100 and the Social 50. Rolling Stone ranked Period 26th in theirlist of 2018’s best hip-hop albums, and its breakout hit single ‘Fuck Dat N*gga’proved hugely popular with club DJs and audiences alike. After Quality Controlincluded the track on the label’s compilation album Control the Streets Vol. 1,the track reached No 5 on the Billboard 200 and No 1 on Billboard’s R&B andHip-Hop charts. City Girls’ second album Girl Code featured guest appearancesfrom high-profile hip-hop artists Lil Baby and Jacquees, and the lead single‘Twerk’ unsurprisingly tore up the singles charts. With vocal chemistry reminiscent of L’Trimm’s LadyTigra and Bunny D and beats that seamlessly fuse trap with Miami bass, the duo pusha cleverly crafted sound that appeals to hip-hop fans young and old. Theirsuccess hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Forbes Magazine likening them to TLC andSalt-N-Pepa and global music press paying close attention. Hard at work in thestudio on their forthcoming release and continuing to tour internationally, CityGirls are poised for global domination in the coming years. .


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