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The three member band from Copenhagen known as Chinah, are famous for their folk, contemporary classical and electronic music. The band was formed in 2014, but with a different name as Fine Glindvad. At the time the band performed strong folk music, focused on poetry and melody. However, soon after that, the band noticed an interest in switchin into an electronic focused style with minimalist beats and guitar passages. In 2015, the band changed the name to Chinah and performed at Spot Festival, which showcases up and coming Danish and Nordic music. Chinah released their debut single in 2015, and titled it Away from Me, and also another single titled We Go Back. In early 2016, the band released an EP, Once the Lights are On. In the following year, Chinah released a new single which they titled Even Love, which was from their upcoming EP. The band did not pause from making music, they instead surprised their fans even in 2018, when they released their debut album, which the band titled Anyone. They had prepared their fans for the upcoming album as they had released three singles from the album, Real Thing?, Strange is Better and Yeah Right. The album was available to download online and was considered a great success. .


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