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Disco queen C.C. Catch is the German pop sensation best known for a wave of pop-disco hits during the 80s that received international acclaim and helped to define the sound of the decade. Caroline Müller started her career as a part of the German group Optimal, an all-female outfit that received moderate success in the early 80s. During one of their performances in Hamburg, Müller was noticed by Dieter Bohlen, one half of Germany’s biggest pop act at the time, Modern Talking. Bohlen was drawn in by Caroline’s impressive vocal abilities, inviting her to sign a contract with BMG, offering to help produce her debut album and renaming her act: C. C. Catch, a stage name made up of her initials with ‘Catch’ added for effect. Her first single was recorded in 1985: “I Can Lose My Heart Tonight”, co-written by Bohlen, stormed the charts across Europe and set the singer on course for stardom. Spring 1986 saw the release of her debut album “Catch The Catch”, propelling the singer to international acclaim while receiving platinum certification in Germany and gold in Spain. Catch continued working with Bohlen throughout the 80s, producing four albums and releasing twelve singles. Songs like “Soul Survivor”, “Are You Man Enough?” and “Backseat of Your Cadillac” were fixtures of pop radio, helping to popularise a euro-disco sound that is fondly remembered and still has musical influence today. At the end of the 80s, Müller parted ways with Bohlen and BMG, signing with Metronome Records and taking a new artistic direction. 1989 saw the release of her final album “Hear What I Say”, produced by Andy Taylor of Duran Duran and featuring a number of songs co-written by the singer herself. Since this record, the singer has continued to work on music and perform across the world, remaining popular to this day. The disco-flavoured hits of C. C. Catch can still be heard on radio stations across the globe, and collections of her greatest hits continue to receive critical and commercial success – a testament to the enduring power and appeal of her timeless and melodic music. .


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