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C’mon Tigre are an Italian Afro Funk band who have been releasing music since 2014. C’mon Tigre bring together a cornucopia of infectiously catchy repetitive riffs, a maximalist attitude melded with a mosaic of arabic melodies, analogue drum machines, sinuous guitars and not forgetting bombastic horn sections, that could make snakes dance. The band’s first release came after their collaboration with Italian artist, Gialuigi Toccafondo on internationally acclaimed art film, Federation Tunisienne de Football gained the group worldwide attention. Their self-titled debut, quickly infiltrated Funk circles the world over, securing the group a true international funk following. Ever since they have gone from strength to strength. The album includes 13 tracks, composed and produced by C’mon Tigre and arranged with its extended family, a cluster of musicians from every corner of the globe, in C’mon tiger listeners are treated to a truly international sound. The groups second collaboration, ‘A World of Wonder’ this time made with Croatian artist Daniel Zezelj, is a darker piece than ‘Federation Tunisienne de Football’, this acrylic noir piece is accompanied by chaotic horn sections, flanked by shuffling drums and haunting vocals. C’mon Tigre continue to invest in artistic research continuing their collaborations with animators, illustrators, visual artists like their successful experiments made with Mr. Toccafondo and Mr. Zezelj. .