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The legendary Buju Banton’s name is synonymous with the best of Jamaican music: his inimitable blend of dancehall, ragga and reggae has entertained and enlightened music fans across the globe for generations. Banton’s classic album Mr. Mention is the best-selling album in Jamaican history, while his 2010 record Before the Dawn received the coveted Best Reggae Album award at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards. Over the course of a thirty-year career that’s seen the release of ten highly lauded studio albums, this iconic musician has established himself as a unique voice within the global music scene, influencing artists from every corner of the globe and building a dedicated worldwide fanbase. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Banton began toasting in the local dancehall scene at the young age of twelve. The release of his first single ‘The Ruler’ in 1987 led to recording sessions with influential producers Patrick Roberts, Bunny Lee and Winston Riley, but it wasn’t until the 90s that Banton’s popularity exploded across Jamaica and beyond. 1992 saw the release of three of his most successful singles, ‘Love me Browning’, ‘Bogle’ and the controversial ‘Boom Bye Bye’ – a trio which aided the artist in breaking Bob Marley’s previous record for highest number of Jamaican No. 1 singles in one year. Since his debut, Banton has released a series of highly regarded albums that trace the development of a singular and irreplaceable talent. He’s moved from hardcore dancehall, to spiritual roots reggae, to diverse collaborations with artists of all genres, earning five Grammy nominations along the way and permanently carving out a place for himself in the history of Jamaican music. With a new record scheduled for release in 2019, this visionary artist is set to delight fans worldwide with a long-awaited return to the global music scene. .