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Bikini Trill is a cosmic surf-pop trio responsible for creating a whole new wave of sound. Hailing from Austin, Texas and residing in Los Angeles, California, Bikini Trill has been named one of the best hybrid genre bands to come out of the state since the Beach Boys. California has a rich history of producing eclectic hybrid genres. Bikini trill took full advantage of falling into the West Coast Melting pot and blended a unique sound to call their own. This Cali cool-poptrio blends their west coast freshness with dub sensibilities. Their sound canbe described as a seamless blend of electronic beats, hip-hop drums, skankingisland guitars and melodic vocals. Bikini Trill formed in the iconic city ofLos Angeles in January of 2017. By March of the same year, the young group wereinvited to play shows at the widely respected SXSW showcase. The trio journeyedback to Austin, Texas to play an impressive total of 8 shows over the durationof 5 days, impressing crowds far and wide. Most recently,Bikini Trill released their electrifying debut EP, Wassup, We Good? A perfectexample of the band creating a beautiful work of music by combining ska,dancehall, hip-hop, ragga, punk, and island sounds, the experiment surf-pop EPhas received praise from music media outlets such as THe Pier, Best HQ, andEarmilk. .


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