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A Dominican singer known for his laid-back mix of reggaeton and R&B, Amenazzy is a talented artist from Santiago de los Caballeros. He has released numerous successful singles including “Baby” with Nicky Jam and Farruko and “Desierto” with Don Omar. Born in 1995, Jose Daniel Betances began singing at an early age. Taking on the stage name El Nene la Amenaza, he is more commonly known as Amenazzy. His first official release came via an appearance on Los Mellos on the Track’s “Despues del Party” in 2013. Amenazzy’s song “La Chanty” accumulated millions of streams shortly after, and his debut album was released in 2016. “Me Hace Falta” and “Sin Maquillaje” featuring Don Migelo were some of his most successful tracks of the year. Amenazzy then started to consistently release new singles with Latin America’s most popular acts including “Solo” with Lary Over, “Decibel” with Gigolo Y La Exce, and “Me Llamas” featuring several artists. “Baby” featuring Nicky Jam and Farruko has around 150 million streams on Spotify and 300 million views on YouTube, easily becoming one of the genre’s most recognizable songs. Other notable singles include “Nadie Come Tu” with G-Eazy, “No Tenemos Nada” with Myke Towers, and “Otra Noche” featuring Mark B. In 2020, he released several solo tracks including “123”, “Jalapeno”, “Musa”, and “Calmarme”. As one of the hottest artists in the thriving Latin American music scene, Amenazzy is clearly an artist to watch throughout the coming years. .