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Amara La Negra is a musician and actress who was born to bea star. She truly broke out with her part in VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Miamiand now the Latin pop singer is continuing to make waves on many differentfronts. Spanish-language TV viewers have been familiar with her face for yearsas she has a regular part in Univision’s Sábado Gigante. Following on fromthis, she has really announced her talents with a reggae-tinged hit “What a BamBam” which soon picked up millions of views and made her the name on everyone’slips. A strong anti-racism advocate who is daring, playful andfocussed, she is proud of her Dominican roots and embraces her culture as oftenas possible. La Negra also fronted a new video, Serving Individuality, which“celebrates her inspiring version of the American dream” and is part of aninitiative to start a worldwide conversation on colourism. Always singing, acting and modelling from her earliestyears, La Negra was part of a popular children’s group and has also launched herown clothing line ALN, which offers a range of hoodies, shirts, bags, and hatsmade in Columbia. A real star in the making who is an inspiration to women andpeople of colour all over the world, it is easy to see why Amara La Negra isconsidered a vital modern voice, spreading positivity across the globe. .


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