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Vocalist Alexandra Stan was born in 1989 in Constanta on the shores of the Black Sea. She grew up surrounded by music and dreamed of the day she would herself be a singer. Every competition she took part in she won awards and has always maintained a reputation for her technical ability as well as her emotional commitment. Alexandra is a sensitive soul and a happy person who believes in the positive things in life. The road towards musical success and a creative career was opened to her by the team at Maan Studio, Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi, who provided her with a new way of expressing herself. Alexandra became known worldwide with her first single ‘Lollipop’ which confirmed her as a rare musical talent. An immediate media frenzy ensued after the release of ‘Lollipop’, meaning she appeared on almost every radio station and TV in Romania and surrounding countries. Her debut album ‘Saxobeats’ was released in 2011 and produced the #1 hit single ‘Mr Saxobeat’ that really put her on the map. ‘Mr Saxobeat’ reached the top spot in the international music charts and held there for weeks and weeks. As such she has a truly international fanbase who are fanatical for all things Alexandra Stan. .


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