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Fusing his Mexican roots with trap and rap backed by funk-influenced beats and production, Los Cabos-native Aleman is quickly catching the eye of rap fans, trap fans, and everyone in between. Beginning his rap career at 14 in group 2 Rhymes, alongside his friend MC King, Aleman is not new to the world of hip hop. Later adding another member to their group, DJ Phat, the duo released “Click Clack Punto Exacto.” Aleman came out with one more record alongside MC King, “Clasick Rap,” which online publication Homegrown states is the album that “opened the doors for them throughout Mexico.” However, Noisey cited his song “Yoga Fire”, featuring Chapo Guzman, as paving the way for trap’s introduction to the Mexican community through chronicling the division that El Chapo’s arrest caused in Mexico. But it wasn’t until Aleman’s second solo album, Rolemos Otro, that the artist secured spots on 2016 festival line-ups such as Ceremony and Summer Plop Radio. At 29 years old, Aleman has already released four studio albums and hosts millions of Spotify plays on songs such as “Aleman: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 15” and “Rucon,” but hip-hop is much more than a numbers game for him. Aleman hopes to fighting stereotypes present within the Mexican community through his music, telling Mexican publication Sopitas hip-hop is the new world order.” .


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