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Stirring up a storm in the Detroit music scene Dion Marquise Hayes, otherwise known as 42 Dugg, is gaining traction. Following in the path of some of rap’s biggest names, Hayes is inspiring a generation. Crossing paths with Lil Baby and then, Yo Gotti in 2017, 42 Dugg’s career was born. Since meeting his life mentors, Hayes has been flourishing ever since. Developing his distinct style, Hayes iconic signature whistle echoes throughout his music. With a love of rolling the dice, piles of cash also feature heavily in Hayes’ music videos. As Hayes’ steps onto his meteoric progression in the industry, his exciting career is about to take off. Featuring on Lil Baby’s tracks “Grace” and “We Paid,” Hayes has found Billboard Hot 100 success. With the tracks reaching the 48th and 18th slots, Hayes fully grabbed the world’s attention. Laying the foundations for his star appeal, Hayes signed to Baby’s 4PF and Gotti’s Collective Music Group label. Hayes’ journey to megastardom has not come without cost. A natural storyteller, Hayes didn’t find his voice until he was behind bars. Hayes’ experiences have helped to shape his iconic sound. Launching his second record Young & Turnt, Vol 2, Hayes has continued to progress his sound. It has also taught him resilience, patience and trust as the album was released as he looked out of a jail cell. Edgy, subversive and honest, a star has been born in Hayes. .


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