Both Lash Inc and Nail Inc are situated inside one beauty salon concentrating on eyelash extensions and nail art respectively. Lash Inc and Nail Inc offer the highest standard of services available with premium quality imported products and internationally trained technicians.

The first of our salons is located on the first floor of the increasingly popular Sidewalk Mall in Jimbaran, the salon is beautifully decorated with chic decor and brand new equipment to ensure a comfortable and relaxed experience for our customers. We import all of our products for both sides of the salon from Germany. All of our supplies are professionally manufactured and selected from the highest quality products available on the market.

Lash Inc is already receiving amazing reviews for the services provided, with the ever growing demand for eyelash extensions this is currently the first of a planned chain of salons which will roll out across Indonesia. The services provided inside Lash Inc include multiple differing styles of eyelash extensions with the best and safest technique of eyelash extension application

The newly opened Nail Inc is not only a nail salon but also a wholesaler of the highest quality products imported from Germany, located inside the plush Lash Inc salon, Nail Inc is set to provide lovers of nail art with fresh and exciting designs all set on the best quality nail extensions. With the direct access to the German supplier from the group’s German office, Nail Inc will also supply other salons with bulk orders of the imported products not currently available in Indonesia.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations in all aspects of the services we provide and the products we sell. We offer the latest trend of eyelash and nail treatment services including, eyelash extensions, manicure and pedicures, nail gel, acrylic nail extensions along with the wholesale of all products.

Give your eyelashes and nails the pampering they deserve by booking your appointment at our salon, for reservations and further information do not hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp +62 85792931420 or DM us on Instagram: @lash_inc_bali and @nail_inc_bali.

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